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Monday, January 30, 2012

Eating a Turd

It doesn't happen to often where I gross myself out, but tonight, it did happen. Today I ate pretty good for the most part. I had a cookie for my cookie not three like normal, then I went to Zumba. After leaving, I unknowingly stepped into a 6" icy puddle then when I recovered from that I got hit in the face with the delicious smell of King's Row's greasy burgers with a slight hint of onion rings. OMG that's like torture for me! King's Row Home of the garbage burger right in front of the gym! What an evil evil place to be located. Kind of like when I used to work out at the Y. Get my work out on then treat myself to a delicious blizzard.

Oh....but on to the grossness. I really wanted just a couple of onion rings but I don't just do a couple, and there are less than 2 weeks until our final weigh in, so I went home and made some chicken broth. I also had a couple of turkey meatballs left over from lunch so I through those in there. As they plopped down in my bowl I realized it looked like someone had dropped 2 small round flaky turds into a pee filled toilet. Guess what? Not hungry anymore..........

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